This area is dedicated to the parents and carers of Aspire North pupils. Here you will find a range of FAQs and links to information that will help you support your young person navigate their journey to their post-school destinations.

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The pupils are identified by our contact teacher in the school and referred to the programme using a range of criteria. Most significantly, though, they need to demonstrate academic ability to achieve the required grades to progress onto a Higher Education destination, i.e. college or university. Our full pupil selection criteria can be viewed on the Teachers page. 

The Aspire North programme is fully funded by the SFC meaning that there are no associated costs to parents and carers for any of the activities that we deliver, including the S5 Residential. 

Aspire North are not just here to support the pupils, but also their families and support system. We offer a range of information sessions throughout the duration of the programme for parents and carers. Alongside this, we welcome questions from parents and carers at any point in the programme. Just contact us. 

Aspire North runs a variety of activities, workshops, and sessions to help support young people on their journey to Higher Education. Please see our Teachers page for a more detailed overview.

We have a contact teacher in all our schools who identifies those pupils who may be eligible for support and refers them to Aspire North. If you believe your young person may meet the eligibility criteria but does not currently take part with Aspire North please get in touch. 

We work on behalf of all universities and colleges and therefore we are able to be impartial in our attempts to raise awareness and aspiration of higher education. We also help prepare young people to apply to their chosen higher education course. 

Pupils that participate in Aspire North will also benefit from: 

  • First-hand experience of the higher education learning environment 
  • Specialist knowledge and workshops
  • Individualised support and guidance with course choices and applications

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